Who are we?

A group of Medical Professionals with a goal of educating, caring and treating patients with the end goal of wellness. We use telemedicine capabilities for ongoing and emergent patient care, as well as a more efficient way to deliver higher-quality healthcare.

What do we do?

We provide a cutting edge service to allow every patient the ability to see a Provider quickly and cost efficiently without the loss in quality of care.

Who is our audience?

Patients with a lack of access to primary care physicians, as well as patients that need or want quicker healthcare without compromising quality.

What do we want to convey

A fresh, innovated healthcare service focused on the patients' health and wellbeing.

Future of healthcare

The cost and the delivery of healthcare in the US is at a crossroad. A significant and growing shortage of primary care doctors and pediatricians providers continues to make access to care a problem for patients of all ages. eMD is here to provide quality care at an affordable cost.


eMD's group of medical specialist are focused on providing the type of care that will help treat ongoing illness and symptoms. eMD's telemedicine platform called eLinkMD allows patients to access care, no matter the time of day, nor distance to their provider.